Oven Fried Chicken


Chicken pieces coated with egg and breadcrumb mixture, baked in the oven and served with piquant tomato sauce (Serves 4, hot)

Chicken and Ham Pie

chicken and ham pie

Tasty pie of chicken, ham, mushrooms and onions, in a well flavored sauce under a light pastry crust (Serves 4-6, hot or cold)

Oyster Stuffing for Roast Turkey


This is a recipe for Turkey Roast stuffing.

Chicken Jelly


Pretty and delicious jellied chicken and vegetable dish suitable for summer buffet party or luncheon (Serves 4-6, cold)

Salmi of Duck


Duck partly roasted, then cooked in rich wine sauce, and garnished with heart shaped bread croutons spread with cooked duck liver (Serves 6, hot)

Roast Duck with Orange Salad


Succulent duck roasted with a coating of honey, stuffed with celery, onions and herbs, and served with an orange salad (Serves 4, hot)

Cold Duck Souffle


Delicious light souffle of minced duck mixed with cream sauce, sherry, whipped cream and egg whites topped with a layer of orange slices set in jellied consomme (Serves 4-6, cold)

Chicken Kiev, Stuffed Fried Chicken Breasts


A luxurious dish of fried chicken breasts, stuffed with garlic and herb flavored butter (Serves 4, hot)

Chicken Stuffed Apples


Dessert apples stuffed with diced chicken and fruit in mayonnaise, suitable for buffet party or summer lunch (Serves 4, cold)

Turkey Noodle Ring


A tasty way of using remains of cold turkey to make a filling family meal (Serves 4, hot)

Chicken and Corn Croquettes


Creamy chicken and sweetcorn mixture cooked in crispy coating of egg and breadcrumbs (Serves 4, hot)

Hot Pheasant Souffle


Delicious light concoction of eggs and minced pheasant (Serves 4, hot)

Roast Goose with Sage and Onion Stuffing


Goose stuffed with sage flavored onion, apple and crumb stuffing, roasted in hot oven and served with gravy and apple sauce; a Christmas dish (Serves 6-8, hot)

Duck Pâté


Delicious paté made from duck, liver, pork, bacon and herbs mixed with brandy and egg, baked in slow oven and then pressed; suitable for buffet (Serves 6-8, cold)

Chicken Maryland


Particularly delicious dish of fried chicken served with fried bananas, sweetcorn fritters, bacon rolls, and a savory tomato sauce (Serves 6, hot)

Italian Roast Turkey


Turkey stuffed with unusual mixture of prunes, chestnuts, sausage meat, pears, white wine and liver, braised in a garlic and herb flavored sauce, and then roasted (Serves 8-10, hot)

French Roast Turkey


Turkey stuffed with any listed on our site or with butter, onion or parsley, roasted with stock to produce tender, moist result. Particularly suited for cooking frozen turkey or turkey to be eaten cold (Serves 8-10)