Chicken Jelly

Pretty and delicious jellied chicken and vegetable dish suitable for summer buffet party or luncheon (Serves 4-6, cold)


8-12 oz cold chicken meat
2 tins consomme
½-¾ oz gelatine
2 tablespoons sherry
2 eggs
3 tomatoes
4-5 oz mixed peas, carrots, sweetcorn
1 lettuce
1 bunch watercress


1. Dissolve gelatine in the hot consomme, add sherry and allow to cool. Hard boil eggs for 10-12 minutes and put into cold water to cool thoroughly. Cut up cold chicken meat into long strips, peel and quarter tomatoes. Set aside. Cook vegetable until tender, drain and cook.

2. Pour a layer of consomme into a mould; put in refrigerator to set. Cut hard-boiled eggs into slices and arrange a layer on the chilled consomme in mould with tomato quarters in between. Spoon some more consomme over them and again allow to set. Arrange chicken and vegetables and remaining egg in layers with consomme, letting each layer set.

3. Chill thoroughly in refrigerator and when set, dip outside of mould for a few seconds into hot water to loosen. Turn out on to serving dish. Garnish with lettuce and watercress.

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